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Customer  Testimonials

This is a new feature to our website so it is pretty empty right now, please submit testimonials so we can fill it up!

Nicole Wallace, Cheyenne WY

My husband and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than what we had with MileHigh Doodles! Our Bernedoodle girl, Kona, is everything we dreamed of having in a puppy! She’s very well behaved, eager to please, and incredibly smart! She loves everyone she meets and everyone loves her! Christy has been incredibly helpful in the purchasing process and also after we brought her home as well. She answers all of our questions and is incredibly knowledgeable about all things doodles! Look no further than MileHigh Doodles for your new best friend!!


Chuck Oliveira, Corpus Christi TX

Goose is a life changer for me. He has an easy going temperament, has been great with other dogs, and definitely a people person with everyone he meets. He is the talk of the town, and the most handsome pup around.


Marcus & Pam, Castlerock CO

We received a puppy from Christy last year and it was an amazing experience. Mickey is now 8 months old and the sweetest puppy ever. Thank you so much!


Jenni Grace, Longmont CO

We got our Bernadoodle Gracie last March. She is the sweetest most loving puppy. She loves everyone and all dogs. She's very smart and loves paddleboarding. She is a great companion and addition to our family.

Cathy Dorchuck, TX

So far, I have purchased six bernedoodle pups for service work from Mile High. The Trestle/Traveler pups are amazing for psychiatric service dogs. They are super in-tune with emotions and can take care of an entire family yet still do their jobs very well. The bernedoodles from Mile High are exceptional family dogs and make amazing therapy animals for schools and hospitals. I'm so grateful to have found Mile High!

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