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Your puppy has been eating RAWBBLE. We’ve tested the food ourselves, and the dogs here absolutely love it. We feel good about the ingredients and the testing BIXBI does to ensure nutrition and safety. If you would like to learn more, the BIXBI website ( has a lot more information.

Special Savings

We negotiated a special deal with BIXBI for MileHigh Labradoodle families.

One-Time Code: tasteofbixbi -- This will save you 20% off your entire order and is designed for you to try their stuff at a special one-time cost.

Ongoing Discount: milehigh --This will save an additional 10% off of subscription prices that are already 10% off of everyday pricing. You get to pick the frequency and quantity of your subscription delivery.

For the dry kibble, please use ONLY the four items listed here (Wingetarian, Landatarian, Liberty Rancher’s Red and Liberty Game Bird Feast). These products contain ancient grains and are the highest quality and best suited for your new puppy


RAWBBLE also comes in a convenient and healthy freeze-dried form in 7 varieties. A balanced diet, topper or treat, RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried can do it all with 95-98% meat, organs and bone in a limited ingredient recipe. Packed with nutrients and flavor, all animal proteins are sourced in the USA except for the French duck and New Zealand lamb



NuVet PlusWellness Wafer®

Why? Gives pets the Longest-Healthiest lives possible. Fills in vital nutrients missing in processed pet food which boosts immunity, reduces cell damage which causes rapid aging, and supports optimal health. They have a 23 year recall free record and human grade ingredients.

Click here: OR Call 800-474-7400, reference # 67390



At BAXTER & Bella, our goal is to help as many puppy parents as possible learn how to successfully integrate a dog into their everyday life by using positive training techniques in fun, rewarding and worthwhile ways! We believe by helping families train their own canine companions to be calm, well- mannered and better-behaved, more families will experience the joys of lifetime canine companionship and more dogs will remain in loving homes where they belong.

Our Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access Overview is a single file that can be shared with families, or printed for puppy packets, and is an ideal option to showcase everything amazing that's included with the BAXTER & Bella Online Puppy School!


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