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Meet The MileHigh Bernedoodle Gang


MileHigh Doodles Traveler aka 'Trav'


Trav is our amazing F1 Bernedoodle stud. Not only does he have the sweetest disposition, but he loves to snuggle, hike, fish and play dress up with his awesome Guardians! We love Daddy Trav!

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MileHigh Doodles Phantom Bridge aka 'Bridget'


Bridget is a tri-color phantom Standard Poodle with a princess personality that pairs perfectly with Trav to make the best Bernedoodles possible!


MileHigh Doodles Kenosha
aka 'Keke'

Kenosha is our first Mini Bernedoodle in the pack! She is a Tri- Color F2B Mini Austrailian Bernedoodle with a spitfire personality. Keke loves being with her people, playing with her stuffies and snuggling on the couch. She also loves paddle boarding in the summer and frolicking through the snow in the winter!


MileHigh Doodles Trestle aka 'Tressie'


Trestle is a gorgeous brown and white parti Standard Poodle - who loves playing and snuggling with her twin sister- Bridget! With beautiful colors and personality she is destined to produce the perfect Bernedoodles! RETIRED


MileHigh Doodles Avalanche

ALAA#- Pending

Avalanche is a Miniature Australian Labradoodle Stud. Avy loves watching the Colorado Avalanche play on TV with his Gaurdian Family, drop his kids off at school and play ball in the backyard. Avalanche loves making beautiful Mini Bernedoodles  for us!


Milehigh Doodles Rocky Road


Rocky Road aka 'Ro' is one of MHD's newest Breeding Momma's! She is a Medium sized Moyan Poodle. She is going to produce some gorgeous Mini Bernedoodles for us. Ro is extremely intelligent, loves to snuggle and run in the backyard with the rest of the pack!


MileHigh Doodles Tabernash
aka 'Nash'


Description under construction.

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